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De Ezelboer


tussen Kleve, Nijmegen en Goch


De ezel: de meest relaxte wandelgids!



Vrijblijvend aanbod

Dear Donkey Friend!

We are a farm dedicated to Donkeys. With us you can:

  1. Learn how to befriend and handle a Donkey
  2. Walk with a Donkey on Your own.
  3. Make your kids walk for miles without them noticing the distance
  4. Let the Donkey carry (not eat!)  Your Lunch.
  5. See Historical and Natural treasures of the Niederrhein area
  6. Enjoy a Donkey Holiday
  7. Make a 2 - 7 days Donkey trekking: Medieval times come alive!

Donkey trekking on the Santiago Pilgrims route: we can advise and we can train your Donkey.

We do speak English. So please feel free to contact us by Email.

deezelboer [at] yahoo.com

We welcome You at our Donkey farm,

                Frank & Christina.


Socrates our coolest Donkey:

The slower You live

the longer the pleasure!

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